Posted on Jan 24, 2019

Southern Marine Surveying

In this picture we have several findings. The first and most obvious is the green bonding wire that is disconnected. Because of this the entire bonding system is compromised, and could lead to corrosion problems throughout the vessel. But where does this bonding wire go? If you look at the stringer where the rudder post bracket is mounted, there is a missing bolt! The bonding wire is supposed to be connected there. Also, if you look at the rudder post you will see there is green corrosion and leaking water. The rudder has probably been leaking for some time as the green corrosion signifies, rudder posts should never leak and in this case it probably just needs to be tightened, but if tightening does not help the vessel will have to be hauled out to repack the gland. It pays to hire a surveyor Before you purchase that boat so you know exactly what you are getting into!
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