Posted on Feb 20, 2021

Southern Marine Surveying

This right here is a tragedy, and it could not have happened to a nicer person. This freakish cold weather in Texas has lead to hundreds of boat sinkings and cracked engine blocks. Here in Texas it is common to install a bilge heater instead of getting your engines properly winterized because normally as long as the power is on the heater will prevent any freeze damage. But if the power goes are screwed.
On this particular boat the raw water strainer for the engine cracked, and when it thawed out water from the lake came gushing in and lead to what you see here. This will be a total loss as the water is over the engines and will cost more to repair than the actual value of the vessel. Luckily he had insurance! Next time a hard winter freeze is coming, make sure you take time to close the seacock valves on your boat and drain your strainers to prevent this kind of thing from happening.
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